• Taylor (2011/12): "These days, I've been trying to classify my thoughts into two categories, "Things I can change," and "Things I can't.""
  • Harry (Oct 2012): *Gets 'things i can' and 'things i cant' tattoos on his arms*
  • Taylor (Dec 14th, 2012): *releases IKYWT video starring a love interest who has a ship tattoo on his upper arm*
  • Harry (Dec 19th, 2012): *gets a ship tattoo in exact same spot 5 days later*
  • Taylor (2011): “‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice' – if I ever had a wedding, I'd walk down the aisle to that song.”
  • Harry (Jan, 2013): *Chooses 'Wouldn't it be nice' when asked to pick a song that would be a theme tune of his life*
  • Taylor (2012): "come back be here"
  • Harry (2014): "i didnt come back I wasnt there"
  • Taylor(2012): "I knew you were trouble"
  • Harry (2014): "I wont trouble you no more"
  • Taylor (2012): "Now i'm lying on the cold hard ground"
  • Harry (2014): "lay there on the soft warm ground"
  • Taylor (1989-): *writes 13 on hand for every concert, wears 13 on every jersey, wears 13 necklace, was born on the 13th, repeatedly talks about 13 being her lucky number*
  • Harry (2014): "a week and thirteen days"
  • Taylor (2014): "Dating or finding someone is the last thing on my mind" "I don't have the energy to be in love right now"
  • Harry (2014): "I love you, now you don't want me to"


Have you heard “steal my girl” by one direction? i saw a few coments of directioners saying “Hahaha it’s about Taylor, i bet it is how Harry begs for someone to steal Taylor so he can be with louis”



The songs says “everybody wants to steal my girl, everybody wants to take her away, find other girl, cuz she belongs to me”

Yeah, Harry wanted someone to steal Taylor you said it, it’s about Taylor


Anonymous asked:

One thing directioners should learn is that taylor enjoys making fandoms go crazy, she does it with her own fans by giving false album hints lol gotta love that girl! She's messing with directioners and the media by naming the song style, and I wouldn't be surprised if the song ended up not being about harry. I bet she's sitting on bed petting her cats in one hand and cleaning her 7 Grammys with 100bills in the other and just laughing at people going crazy over work

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Not long ago I read this theory that Mona was getting ready to fake her own death. While it seems like she’s really dead right now, here’s why I think that’s not the case:

1. That wasn’t a panic attack
Remember 2 episodes ago where Mona fainted? She also had a band-aid on her arm (exactly…